System Feature Comparison

Feature Windows Oracle HSM Unix/Linux NAS
Real-time replication & data protection

Uses Windows Journal

Uses HSM callout interface

Not Available Not Available
High speed file system scanning
Ability to throttle disk I/O, network Bandwidth, CPU by time of day
Ability to calculate checksum information for data integrity



Release file data transparently to the user

Windows reparse point

Built into HSM

Using symbolic links

Not Available
Stage file back when the user accesses a file

Built into HSM

Not Available Not Available
Automatically maintain file system utilization between a high watermark and low watermark

Built into HSM

Using symbolic links

Not Available
Capture metadata for high speed analysis

SQL Server

MySQL or SQLite

MySQL or SQLite

Requires Migrator Server

Open files to extract DICOM, HL7, image header information
Plug into 3rd party applications to retrieve additional data
Compress and encrypt file data over the wire Not Available
Centrally manage polices, status and alerts with a web portal
Select, stage and migrate files based on metadata including location of GEO files, pathology for medical image files
Replication targets

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