Use one tool to Protect, Archive, Migrate and Analyze your data

The DataManager2020, powered by EDSI, is a complete data management toolkit, which includes four modules with the following capabilities:


  • Set policies that control the number of copies, frequency with which they are made, and target medium
  • Real-time protection for Windows and Oracle HSM file systems
  • High-speed file system scanning using EDSI’s unique technology
  • Calculate and verify check sums to protect against bit rot


  • Enterprise Windows data archive functionality
  • Seamlessly move data to an archive server and automatically recall the file when it is accessed without the need for user intervention
  • Automatically manage free space on a volume by moving unused files to archive storage
  • Limit archive activity to specific locations, file types and file sizes, in addition to last accessed and last-modified date


  • Move one storage device to another
  • Automate high-speed continuous copy with options to pause or throttle during production hours
  • Detailed error reporting and automated error retry
  • Automated Oracle HSM (Sun Microsystem SAM-FS) tape migration


  • Capture file metadata in a database for easy analysis
  • Extract DICOM, HL7 header information
  • Extract information from sending systems using an API
  • Report and manage files based on metadata queries
  • Search, stage or transfer files related to specific metadata, such as location pathology and project

System Features

With DataManager2020, you can throttle CPU, bandwidth and disk I/O across all services, and increase or decrease resource usage during specific time periods of the day; compress and encrypt file data during transmission; increase performance over WAN links by bundling data and transmissions on a directory basis instead of a file basis; and monitor and manage system operations across multiple sites from a single location using the web management portal.

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The UNIX Migrator and the Windows Data Management Client (WDMC) are now part of DataManager2020. For more information about DataManager2020, please fill out the form above—an EDSI representative will quickly respond to discuss your needs.